About the Persian Painting

History of the Painting art in Iran:

Persian miniature

One of the oldest Persian painting found in Iran can note engraved images portrayed in simple and elementary in black or yellow and ochre covering the walls of caves of Kouhdasht region in Lorestan, as well as images of humans, hunting and war scenes and animals.

During the Pre-historic period, several developments occurred in the process of Iranian art, including potteries founded at Tappeh Sialk-Kashan, Tapeh Hesar-Damghan, and the most perfect ones at Susa.

Iranian Zoroaster Prophet, Mani was a skillful painter and the beautiful paintings in his book (Arzang) are considered as his miracles.

After the emergence of Islam, Iranian artist adorned the preface and margins of books skillfully, so it led to the appearance of a new painting art called ” illumination“.

When the Mongols attacked Iran, they destroyed most of the Iranian artworks. But after that they supported many artists and Iranian arts. In this period the Chinese style became prevalent in Iran. During the Illkhanid period many artists were attracted to Shiraz. 

They created remarkable artworks which were different from the Tabriz School. Kamalodin Behzad was the greatest painter of Harat School, and also he was the founder of Safavid painting and the art of Miniature.

In Safavid period Iranian Miniature was separated from Chinese style, so that painting artists created a new style and were inclined towards naturalism. Safavid School of painting was founded by “Reza Abbasi”.

During Qajar period, there was a great deal of European influence on Persian culture & art. Paintings of the Qajar period are a combination of European influences and safavid miniature schools of painting. The most famous of the Qajar artworks are the portraits of women and Qajar kings.

European art was undergoing a period of realism and this can be seen in the depiction of objects and human especially by the Qajar painting artists.

Qahveh Khanehei painting has a completely Iranian character, and it is created directly from the mind of the painter. Artist paints without external themes, and with his special technique & color, that is without paying attention to real anatomy and perspective in painting.

In the Pahlavi period, the influence of Western culture has led many artists to follow the new Western art style, which is called modern painting by Iranian artists, and the style of Persian traditional painting has been less used.

At the present time, Iranian artists used a combination of Iranian traditional painting with western styles and created precious artworks & art paintings like Calligraphy artwork, which are sold in the best art auction in the world.

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