About Persian art

The Ghahve-Khaneh painting style.

Introducing the Coffee House Painting School.

About the Iranian folk art painting or Ghahve-Khaneh:

Persian Painting

The Ghahve khane style painting developed separately from the formal and academic arts and grew in contrast to the Iranian academic and miniature painting styles.

This style of painting is a kind of folk-narrative painting that is contemporary with the constitutional movement and based on Iranian traditions, customs, folk and religious arts have been created, which finally became a style of folk painting and narration in the Pahlavi period.

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About the new style of Persian miniature.

The beginning of Innovation in Iranian miniature painting.

Iranian miniature

In fact, the modern miniature painting movement began with Hadi Tajvidi, who taught at the Conservatory of art and Handicrafts, and he raised students like Mohammad Ali Zavieh and Aboutaleb Moghimi there.

Ali Doroudy also taught students such as Nosratollah Yousefi and Abdullah Bagheri in the same school in the field of gilding. Also outside the conservatory, artists such as Hossein Behzad and Sorougin, nicknamed Darwish in Tehran, Hossein Haj Mosavar al-Molki and Mirza Agha Emami in Isfahan, performed significant artistic activities at the same time.

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About Qajar painting style.

The Qajar painting school:

Qajar painting

The painting of Qajar style has all the thematic and practical features of a painting school.

This style of Qajar painting is a combination, in which the characteristics of the traditional Iranian painting and Western painting techniques painting are clearly seen. The Qajar painting was formed by combining traditional Iranian painting with elements and methods of European painting.

Although paintings similar to this style of the Safavid period, known as Farangi Sazi were popular in Iran, but this style of painting first developed more during the Zandian period and then during the Qajar period.

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The style of Iranian miniature.

About Principles of design and drawing in miniature Iranian painting.

The method and style of drawing and painting in Iranian miniature:

In the past, Iranian designers and painters visualized image of paintings and often illustrated ancient books and legends in the same method.

The hand of an Iranian painter and designer artist, gently draws circles and arcs, also changes the line delicately by rotating the tip of the pen, in the same way as in calligraphy which is called Qalamgiri technique.

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About the Iranian handmade pottery.

History of the Persian ceramic:

Persian pottery

The history of the Persian pottery goes back into ancient time. Persian pottery production presents a continuous history from the beginning of Iranian history until the present day. The first earthenware was mainly of two types: black and red pottery that was decorated by geometric designs. The ancient Iranians were skillful also in designing and making pottery.

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