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About the Persian Artist

The Iranian artist, Khorshid, who works as an artist in the field of Iranian arts & crafts: Persian painting, art pottery and ceramic sculpture.

Artist was born in 1972 in Tehran, the capital city of Iran, and her artistic name is Khorshid which the literally means sun and has a deep meaning in ancient Persian culture and literature.

The word of Khorshid is a symbol of kindness and love in the Persian art history.

Khorshid is a self-taught artist who has started her artistic activity as a painter and designer in the field of Persian arts.

She has several years of experience in the field of Persian artwork & handicraft such as handmade decorative ceramic, art pottery, Iranian traditional painting and ceramic sculpture.

The artist uses always traditional Iranian style and pattern to create an artwork, so all of Khorshid’s works of art are unique and original Persian art.

After several years’ experience of making handicrafts and artworks, she discovered her innate talent in creating ceramic sculptures and began to create handmade ceramic and clay sculptures in various forms of artwork.

The artist has always been interested in Iranian culture and art, which has helped her to create a collection of unique Iranian works of art over the years, and therefore she is now a professional artist in Persian art.

Iranian Artist

Khorshid loves all the people of the beautiful world and wants to introduce Persian culture and art to them.

Khorshid cordially invites you to visit her artworks, and she would like to hear your opinion or offer about Iranian artworks.

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If you have any question, please feel free contact with artist.

Resume of Persian Artist; Khorshid:

1972    Born in Tehran.

1998     Graduated in German language from Beheshti University in Tehran.

2006      Receiving the appreciation letter for handicraft exhibition from Iranian handicrafts organization in the field of ceramic tiles.

2007     Receiving the appreciation plaque from superior entrepreneur festival from organization of labor & social.

2009     Participation in the first exhibition of Tehran women artists.   

2010    The solo exhibition of traditional arts in Mehr Gallery house of culture.

2010    The artist certificates of technical & vocational training organization including:

Training course of pottery, graphic, carpet designer.

2011     Earning the art degree in seven color tile – ceramic from the ministry of art & culture Iran.

2011     Teaching art & painting at primary school in Tehran.

2011      Receiving the appreciation letter in Iranian handicrafts exhibition on June 20, handicrafts international day.

2012     Teaching handmade pottery in Patris house of culture in Tehran.

2012      Receiving the appreciation letter of specialized exhibition of Iranian handicrafts export.  

2012      Receiving the appreciation letter for Persian art & traditional literature of the cultural heritage organization.           

 2015    Membership of expert group of pottery, ceramic and traditional tile in handicrafts organization of Tehran province.

2015     Earning a fine arts degree in pottery, ceramic and tile from the ministry of art & culture in Iran.

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